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Misleading Business Energy Deals Are You A Victim

Misleading Business Energy Deals Are You A Victim?

January 18, 2024

For many UK businesses, energy brokers serve as a vital link between them and their energy suppliers. However, this partnership might not always play out as transparently as expected.

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Business Energy Contracts Understanding Hidden Commissions

Business Energy Contract Understanding Hidden Commissions

December 18, 2023

Many businesses rely on energy brokers to interface with energy corporations. Unfortunately, some might have unwittingly fallen victim to mis-sold energy contracts, resulting in inflated monthly bills. These brokers often earn undisclosed commissions by surreptitiously adding fees to energy contracts through various means.

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Energy Industry Exposing Their Betrayal

Energy Industry Exposing Their Betrayal

December 15, 2023

Are you absolutely fed up with your Energy Company’s deceitful tactics? Brace yourself for the inconvenient truth – those hidden commissions have been stealthily siphoning your hard-earned profits through your business energy bills. It’s high time to halt this financial massacre!

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How To Review Your Energy Broker Agreement

How To Review Your Energy Broker Contract

December 4, 2023

Energy brokers are your guides through the intricate landscape of energy procurement, bridging the gap between businesses and energy suppliers. Their role is pivotal in securing competitive energy prices and unearthing the best deals on contracts.

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Energy Broker Contract Key Points To Consider

Key Points To Consider In Your Energy Broker Contract

November 24, 2023

As energy prices ebb and flow, keeping an eye on your contract can be a smart way to potentially save some money. Given the recent dip in global gas prices, electricity costs may follow suit soon. Since the UK electricity market heavily relies on gas, this shift could impact your expenses.

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Mis-sold Energy Contracts UK Businesses Pursue Compensation

Mis-sold Energy Contracts UK Businesses Pursue Compensation

November 13, 2023

An energy broker plays a crucial role as a go-between for UK business owners and energy suppliers, ensuring they secure great energy deals while maintaining quality service. This support is highly valued, with many relying on brokers to negotiate on their behalf.

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Don't Miss Out On Your Business Energy Refund

Business Energy Refund Don’t Miss Out On Yours

November 3, 2023

Over 1 million businesses in the UK, have fallen victim to energy broker miss-selling from companies like; Total Gas & Power, Npower, Smartest Energy and Energie…

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Overpaid On Your Business Energy Reclaim Your Costs Today

Overpaid On Business Energy Reclaim Your Costs Today

October 24, 2023

Are you a business owner in the UK who suspects you’ve been mis-sold to by energy brokers, leading to overpayments on your energy bills? If so, you’re not alone.

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