Business Energy Contract Understanding Hidden Commissions

Acknowledging the current economic challenges spurred by the escalating cost of living and subsequent inflation in the UK, it’s evident that small businesses nationwide are facing significant hardships, some caused by hidden commissions in business energy contracts. The combined pressure of meeting expenses and the surge in energy prices is pushing many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the brink of closure.

Recent statistics since March 22 highlight a staggering increase in business rates, shedding light on the regions most affected. Moreover, the cost of renting commercial properties has notably risen since 2018, underscoring the immense difficulties in sustaining a thriving business.

An insightful analysis conducted by BPI, an online auction platform for commercial assets, delved into data sourced from 155 councils across the UK. The aim was to understand the annual surge in business rates and its potential repercussions on the current economic landscape.

The findings revealed an alarming 18% average increase in business rates in 2022. Further examination from responses obtained from ten councils exposed an average uptick of 16.62% in business rate payments within each area.

While these are undoubtedly challenging times for small business proprietors, there might be a viable solution to alleviate the burden of rising costs.

Many businesses rely on energy brokers to interface with energy corporations. Unfortunately, some might have unwittingly fallen victim to mis-sold business energy contracts, resulting in inflated monthly bills. These brokers often earn undisclosed commissions by surreptitiously adding fees to energy contracts through various means.

They might hide extra fees by giving business owners a combined price that includes both the energy cost and the broker’s extra charge. This makes it harder for business owners to figure out exactly how much the broker is getting paid because it’s mixed in with all the other expenses.

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