Global Energy Provider Held Accountable in Ground-breaking Legal Decision

Global energy provider Engie held accountable in ground-breaking legal decision for Business Energy Refund Claims. Queenie’s Casino Slots, a small amusement arcade business has been successful in recovering thousands of pounds after a landmark legal decision found major energy supplier Engie at fault.

The company, operating under the name “Queenie’s”, received over £10,000 from the global energy provider as a result of a legal action initiated by the energy litigation specialists at Business Energy Claims (BEC).

According to estimates informed by the UK energy regulator Ofgem, annually, about £2.25 billion worth of energy contracts are mis-sold to non-domestic users through unregulated energy brokers. Reports suggest that between two and three million businesses and numerous other non-domestic entities in the UK procure their energy through brokers.

The recent verdict shines a light on an increasing controversy, revealing that energy brokers and suppliers often fail to disclose commission fees included in contracts, unbeknownst to the impacted businesses and organisations.

The court identified a conflict of interest between the broker and their clients, noting that the brokers’ determination of commission sizes and contract lengths did not align with the clients’ best interests. The ruling also emphasised that Engie deliberately concealed commission details, which was considered to be in their interest to maintain and attract broker relationships over those with other energy suppliers.

Global Energy Provider Held Accountable in Ground-breaking Legal Decision for Business Energy Refunds

During this significant legal decision, the judge pointed out Engie’s intentional omission of important commission information, critiquing the company’s policy of keeping these details from their clients.

Engie, with 24 million customers worldwide and a net recurring income of 5.2 billion euros in 2022, faced scrutiny for its practices. The owner of Queenie’s expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, highlighting the importance of such victories for small businesses striving to thrive in difficult economic conditions.

This case is part of a series of legal challenges and out-of-court settlements in the UK, addressing similar issues faced by businesses in relation to energy contracts.

If you’re a business or own a chain of businesses, or non-domestic energy consumers including charities, sports and social clubs, and places of worship, you need to review your energy contracts. As you may not be aware that you have been affected by misleading and mis-sold energy contracts.

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